Lancashire Archery Association

New Rules for Double Shoots

Last year we received clarification from AGB that the rules for a Double 70 metre (WA720) were going to fall into line with World Archery/FITA, such that:

If an archer shoots a UK Record on the second round of a Double 70 metre or Double 50 metre, even when the second round was preceded by practice, the record can be claimed and it will be ratified.

This logic has now been extended to imperial double shoots such as the Double Portsmouth and the various Double Clout rounds.

This matter was discussed at the January NCAS meeting, where the NCAS Sec., Ann Shepherd, was charged with obtaining a clarification from AGB/GNAS.

I received the following email from Ann Shepherd [February 2017]:

Following the discussion at the last NCAS meeting regarding the new sighter rule and UK record claims, I emailed Karen Hodgkiss at the GNAS/AGB office to ask how this is to work with regard to the shooting of second rounds on the same day.

Karen sent the following:

'Previously anyone claiming an imperial record could only claim the 1st round of the day. This new rule means that either the 1st or 2nd round can be claimed as a single record.

'Double rounds can be claimed providing they are shot at the same venue on the same day therefore I would ratify a claim for a single Portsmouth when a double Portsmouth was shot and the "2nd" round is being claimed.

'As far as I know we're not archiving [back-dating] records so any [new] imperial record claims are ratified based on this new rule.'

Karen's answer seems very straightforward in that a new record can now be claimed on a 2nd round shot as part of a Double on the same day. Obviously doesn't just apply to the Portsmouth, this is only given as an example.)

The last sentence is in answer to my query regarding extra sighters being an advantage, especially in Clout, for the 2nd rounds.

It seems, from Karen's reply, that future Records are just being granted for exceeding current scores and it is not the case that a whole new set of records will be started because of the rule change.

Hope this clears things up.

Regards Ann Ann Shepherd Hon. Secretary Northern Counties Archery Society


My understanding is that this applies to all of the shoots listed below, and afternoon practice/sighters is always allowed:

Double Portsmouth
Double FITA 18
Double FITA 25
Double 50 Metre
Double 70 Metre
Double American
Double GNAS Clout (one way & two way)
Double Metric Clout

The new rule does NOT apply to a Combined FITA (as the two distances are combined to constitute a single round)

LAA will follow the sames rules as AGB/GNAS. I would suggest that club records officers follow suit.

Mark Leach, LAA Records Officer