2011 County Match Reports

Text by The LAA Team Manager, Elaine Muncaster


We were invited to Shropshire (Longford Hall, Telford) to contest this match on 10th April 2011, along with North Wales. The weather was excellent although with the early date it was not expected.

The match took place in a friendly and genial manner in good weather. It was a pleasure to see the other teams in greater numbers than in the past.

After a good day’s shooting the teams sat down to a pleasant buffet and a fresh cup of tea and coffee whilst sorting the results. The match resulted in Lancashire winning all three trophies: Recurve, Compound, and Longbow. I thank all those who took part.




Warwickshire hosted this event at the Meriden Archers ground on Sunday, 15th May 2011.

The weather was dry and sunny with a small breeze, which I believe was completely different to those experienced in Lancashire and Cheshire on the same day.

The match again took place in a good manner with scores and positions in constant change. As the match drew to a close it was clear that the distance between Lancashire and Warwickshire was very little. Unfortunately at the last dozen it became obvious that there was only one point between Lancashire and Warwickshire, but the result going to Warwickshire by one point on the Recurve and by 20 points in the Compound.

Alas! No trophy to bring home but a good buffet and the friendly atmosphere made up for it in some way.

But the archers shooting in this match did their best on the day – and that is all that is required – so well done to all.

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Elaine E. Muncaster

Team Manager, Seniors