Eccles Archery Club

Children in Need Shoot

In November Eccles Archery Club held a Children In Need charity shoot.

The day was attended by 40 EAC club members (but we did not take a group photo, unfortunately), and most shot. We raised £420!

If you would like to organise an event like this, this is what we did:

  • Register with the Children In Need website, and they will send all the details and ideas.

  • Get your event mentioned on Radio 2. Loads of people told us they heard about our shoot.

  • Set up a 'Win a Cake' competition and put up flyers (Poster supplied by the organisers upon registration.)

  • Design a silly archery competition with an entry fee. Do you like the faces we used?.

  • Have forfeits and prizes.

  • Supply paid for hot food after the shoot.

  • Fines. Our club secretary was able to find ways of fining most archers. Someone didn't make 1st Class in 2010? Fine: One pound. Hit the leg too many times in 2010? That's damage to club property: Fine One pound. etc.

  • It soon adds up: £420