Lancashire Archery Association

Report on the Five Counties Match at Penrith 5th October 2008

Yorkshire   :   Cheshire   :   Lancashire   :   Durham-Northumberland   :   Cumbria

The ground was sodden, but the weather kind to us: cold, with a slight breeze but the Sun shone all day. As the day progressed it was difficult to see how we – or anyone else for that matter – were doing as there was no leader board...  The team battled on, and generally things went smoothly. 

After finishing the shoot we retired to the school main hall for soup and a roll before beginning our journeys home.  There was a hive of conversation with everybody still unsure how their score had finished up and whether their team had done the job.  I may say that even before the results the performance of the Lancashire team was never in doubt in my mind, and I thank everyone who took part.

The time came for the results.  We all sat with baited breath – none worse than myself because I felt that we deserved something for our efforts.  Well, even though one of  lady recurves had experienced a bit of bother with the bow... The Lancashire recurve team won the overall competition, which led to us winning

The trophy for the highest score over the longest distance

The match against Cheshire

And the match against Yorkshire

Not to be outdone, although the overall compound team did not win, the men's compound team won their trophy

Once again John Geldard, longbow, and Vlada Priestman, recurve, were awarded medals for the highest scores in their class.

I brought home the trophies, had them engraved, cleaned them and presented them to archers who had taken part in the match at the Lancashire Indoor Tournament on 16th November 2008. 

The opportunity was taken at this time to present the County Bars and Badges to others who had shot for the County throughout the year and this year those who shot at the Northern Counties Clout shoot, as part of a team were included.

May I take this opportunity to thank all the archers whether they made the teams or not for their commitment to Lancashire and their abilities.  I also thank Barry Collinson and Charlie Richardson, the two selectors for their work, which has paid dividends this year with our general results.


Elaine Muncaster

LAA Senior Team Manager