Lancashire v Cheshire v Warwickshire County Match 20/5/2007

Hosted by Eccles Archery Club

The teams from Lancashire, Cheshire and Warwickshire gathered at the ground of Eccles Archery Club, on Sunday, 20th May 2007. The weather awaiting them was calm, sunny and warm. The field was set in the usual pristine manner by Eccles and the officials arrived. This being a Record Status shoot they were Lady Paramount: Dorothy Williamson, President of Lancashire, John Allison, National Judge, Kath Collinson, Judge and Jean and Roger Stretton, Candidate Judges.

The match began in good heart but it was not long before it became clear that Lancashire were to be fully tested on the field. As the day went on it became clear that Warwickshire were running away with the Recurve trophy and in the Compound were neck and neck with Warwickshire. In both disciplines Cheshire were a creditable third. At the end of shooting Lancashire were still in second place in the Recurve class and second in the Compound although this was a very close fought thing.

However Lancashire archers did their best on the day with MB scores achieved and a personal best for one archer who shot for the first time in the team. Congratulations go to all who took part. This being said, once again thanks must be given to Eccles Archery Club for their work on the field and in providing refreshments all day.

The prize giving took place whilst the buffet tea was being eaten and to this end I can only apologise again for forgetting we had a Lady Paramount to present the trophies. Sorry Dorothy!

Thanks must also be given to the Judges for the smooth running of the day and the fairly early finish.

Next year's match will be in Warwickshire and also Record Status – so we should all know what we have to do to redress the situation.

Elaine Muncaster (Team Manager)


Download: Individual Scores and Team Scores