2006 Five Counties Match

Cheshire vs. Lancashire vs. Cumbria vs.
Durham & Northumberland vs. Yorkshire

Hosted by
Lancashire Archery Association & Rochdale Company of Archers

Recurve Trophy
Compound Trophy
Longbow Trophy

Individual Results

Team Results


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Report and Comment by Elaine Muncaster, LAA Senior Team Manager

The weekend got off to a fine start for the Juniors on the Saturday. The weather was a little cold but nobody got wet.

On the Sunday things looked cloudier, and this proved to be so with a few sharp and sometimes heavy showers, however, this did not seem to dampen the spirits of archers on the field.

The match ran its full course on a well prepared and efficiently run ground with excellent control by the judges and the field party.

Rochdale Company of Archers provided the field party, the catering staff and indoor facilities for the presentation: A good hot bowl of soup and French bread warmed everybody up at the end of the day. Many thanks to all who were involved.

Writing as the LAA Senior Team Manager, our earlier success in matches this year was not repeated on this occasion. Obviously we congratulate the winning teams, but the message goes out to LAA archers that we must do better. That said, Emma Parker achieved individual success as the top lady compound archer with a score of 1252 for the Hereford round, an excellent score.

Congratulations to all who took part for their efforts on the day. We look forward to progress next season.